Strategic Five-Year Plan: 2015-2020


The Texas Association of College and University Student Personnel Administrators (TACUSPA) is a premier state association dedicated to the development, support and promotion of student affairs professionals in the State of Texas. 


TACUSPA will be the preferred student affairs association for higher education institutions in the state of Texas. 

  • To promote discussion and research regarding the most effective methods of aiding students in their intellectual, social, moral and personal development; 
  • To provide leadership and support for all student affairs professionals; 
  • To serve as the main resource for information pertinent to student affairs in Texas; 
  • To encourage and support best practices and original research in student affairs; 
  • To promote and enhance the role of student affairs in higher education. 
Core Values 

The Texas Association of College and University Student Personnel Administrators is an association of administrators, staff, faculty, students, and others interested dedicated to the advancement of student affairs in the State of Texas. The organization’s core values include:
  • Professional Networking: Providing opportunities for interaction among student affairs professionals, faculty and students representing a variety of functional areas at all levels. 
  • Professional Development: Providing opportunities for professional development through conferences, webinars, and scholarly publications.
  • Professional Advocacy: seeking to enhance the profession of student affairs by supporting research, articulating contemporary issues, supporting graduate programs, and introducing students to the profession.
Diversity Statement

TACUSPA is dedicated to fostering an environment that supports and encourages diversity in our organization and in the student affairs profession throughout the State of Texas. TACUSPA is committed to advocating for diversity and inclusion in the field of student affairs.

Goal 1: Support the development of all members 
  • Provide career development resources and identify a volunteer to coordinate these initiatives. 
  • Develop an annual calendar of programs and activities ensuring year-round engagement. 
  • Develop strategies to promote a culture of mentoring at the conference and beyond. 
  • Provide professional development appropriate for each constituent group (entry, mid, senior, faculty & student, 2 year, 4 year private, 4 year public, professional schools). 
Goal 2: Grow and diversify membership
  • Identify regional volunteers to coordinate recruitment and engagement within their region (North, South, East, West, Central, Panhandle). Identify a volunteer to recruit and engage faculty from higher education programs. 
  • Create and promote initiatives that meet the needs of historically under-represented groups in higher education. In concert with regional reps develop strategies for attracting new members. 

Goal 3: Develop and enhance strategic partnerships with other professional organizations. 
  • Develop agreements with other student affairs organizations to enhance the benefit to our members. 
  • Strategically identify and support student affairs-orientated conferences and programs, such as UNT Higher Education Law Conference. 

Goal 4: Promote research and scholarship on articulating the essential value of student affairs and develop talking points for use by members 
  • Capture stories about the impact of student affairs and share via multiple means. 
  • Develop a community of practice focused on demonstrating and communicating the impact of student affairs on student learning. 
Goal 5: Develop professional operation and reputations
  • Align fiscal resources and goals by connecting budget requests to mission, vision and strategic plan. 
  • Evaluate current volunteer structure, increase opportunities and make it easy for anyone to volunteer. 
  • Develop orientation for new members, volunteers, and board members. 
  • Align the elected and appointed leadership positions to better meet the needs of the association. 
  • Propose a board-level assessment position to guide the associations’ decision-making process. 
  • Propose to split the VP of Membership and Marketing into two separate positions.

Texas Association of College and University Student Personnel Administrators

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