TACUSPA Foundation

On January 12, 2010, the TACUSPA Board approved the official establishment of a TACUSPA Foundation. The TACUSPA Foundation operates under TACUSPA. All donations are tax deductible under Tax ID 75-1644217. Mission: The purpose of the TACUSPA Foundation Committee is to support the Texas Association of College and University Student Personnel Administrators. Funds are used to help the Association achieve its goals by supporting conference scholarships and fellowships, research awards and other initiatives.

Century Pledge

The TACUSPA Foundation is excited to announce the new Century Club campaign!  This campaign is designed to start the party early by prompting each TACUSPA member to set a goal of giving a total of at least $1000 between now and our 100th Anniversary Celebration in 2025. 

TACUSPA has contributed to the profession and professionals engaged in Student Affairs work since 1925.  The TACUSPA Foundation celebrated this accomplishment last October with a successful $90 for 90 campaign that raised over $10,000 for member fellowships and scholarships. 

There are a variety of flexible payment plans to fit your needs.  You may decide to give $100 a year for 10 years or start with a smaller amount and increase it over time.  Pick the plan that works best for you. 

Participants making the pledge will be recognized on our wall of honor at annual conferences in October of each year.  Upon completion of a $1000 total gift, donors will be recognized as members of the Century Club.

Join the Century Club

Thank you to those who have made the Century Pledge ($1000 by 2025)

  • Don Albrecht
  • Patsy Collins
  • Amanda Drum
  • Richard Drum
  • Rebecca Gadson
  • Brandon Griggs
  • Jan Hillman
  • Alicia Huppe
  • Keith Lamb
  • Michelle Lopez
  • Elizabeth Massengale
  • Lisa McDougle
  • Jan McKinney
  • Iliana Melendez
  • Wanda Mercer
  • Lisa Nagy
  • Gage Paine
  • Matthew Park
  • Frank Parker
  • Lisa Perez
  • Terisa Riley
  • Keri Rogers
  • Teresa Simpson
  • Deidra Stephens
  • Steve Westbrook
  • Elizabeth With

Special thanks to our Century Club members:

  • Gene Fitch
  • John Kaulfus
  • Daniel Maxwell
  • Thomas Moorman
  • Joanne Smith
  • Richard Walker

TACUSPA Foundation Board Members

Voting Members

  • Amanda Drum, Chair
  • Keith Lamb, Chair-Elect
  • Keri Rogers, Past Chair
  • Elizbeth Massengale, Secretary
  • Jan Hillman, Emeritus Member
  • John Kaulfus
  • Deidra Stephens
  • Richard Walker
  • Elizabeth With
  • Ashley Spicer-Runnels

Non-Voting Members

  • Molly Albart, TACUSPA President
  • Brandon Griggs, TACUSPA Past-President
  • Daniel Vasquez, Golf Tournament Coordinator

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