The chairs of the standing and ad hoc committees and commissions are appointed by the President to serve the Association and Board of Directors by providing leadership and direction to their groups. The Foundation chair is voted on by the members of the Foundation. Each commission, committee or conference chair will appoint or assign duties within their respective areas from those Association members who have volunteered to serve.  Committees may be appointed as needed and/or as petitioned by the membership.

Awards and Recognition Committee – responsible for soliciting awards and nominations, and selecting recipients to recommend to the Board of Directors for recognition. Reports to the Director of Administration.

Career Development Committee – Reports to the Director of Education & Professional Development.

Constitution and By-Laws Committee – responsible for reviewing the constitution and By-laws and recommending changes to the Board of Directors. Reports to the Director of Administration.

Election Committee – the Past-President shall appoint an Election Committee, which shall be chaired by the Past President and is responsible for conducting the election of officers prior to June.

Fall Conference Committee – responsible for planning and implementing the annual fall conference held each October. Reports to the President/President-Elect.

Finance Advisory Board – responsible for recommending fiscal policies, investment policies, and investment opportunities. Reports to the Treasurer.

Foundation – responsible for soliciting, receiving, managing and disbursing funds for the development of the student affairs profession in Texas. Foundation funds are utilized for student scholarships, research awards, training awards, and other needs that may become apparent in the future. Reports to the President.

James E. Caswell Selection Committee – coordinated by the Past President with membership including the previous 2-3 Caswell award winners. Responsible for recruiting nominations and selecting the honoree.

Marketing and Technology Committee – responsible for assisting the Director for Marketing with the newsletter and other marketing initiatives/projects. Responsible for recommending website policies and recommendations for use of technologies for conferences and conducting TACUSPA business.

Membership Committee – composed of regional, graduate and professional school representatives to assist in the membership campaign, outreach to member and non-member campuses, and other initiatives and/or projects of the Director for Membership.

Newsletter Editor – responsible for soliciting articles to be published three times per year (December, April, and August). Reports to the Director of Marketing.

Publications Committee - Reports to the Director of Research.

Research Committee – Reports to the Director of Research.

Scholarships and Fellowship Committee – responsible for disseminating scholarship and fellowship information and opportunities to membership and selecting recipients. The committee will consist of 5 voting members of which one member will be appointed by the foundation board chair. Reports to the Director of Education & Professional Development.

Webinar Committee – responsible for implementing a slate of webinars offered a various times through the year. Reports to the Director of Education & Professional Development.

2020 Annual Conference Committee
Co-Chair - Ramces Luna, Texas State University

Co-Chair -
Quynh-Huong N. Nguyen, The University of Texas at Austin

Marketing and Technology Committee 

Dayna Ford, The University of Texas at Arlington
Kalyn Cava
zos, Texas A&M University
Ahmet Aksoy, Texas Tech University

New Professional Institute (NPI)  
Brenda Rodriguez, Texas State University 

Mid-Managers Institute (MMI)
Dr. Sherri Benn, Texas State University

Finance Advisory Board
Keri Rogers Mize, Foundation
Trisha VanDuser, Past President
Paul York, Former Conference Co-Chair
Michael Wilkinson, Member

Fellowship and Scholarship Committee 
Chair - Diana Lee, Southwestern University

Texas Association of College and University Student Personnel Administrators

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